1988 crx obd1 b16a f/s

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Hey I'm selling a 1988 CRX originally DX converted to obd1 b16A. I'm in the process of starting a business and am no longer interested in my crx. The car is drivable and reliable. It has been sitting a while (6 months to a year), but I have been starting it every now and then. This is a southern car with around 215,000 on the body and 50,000 on the B16A. The body is in good shape for an 88. No rust, few small dents. Interior was well kept as well. Tears in the driver and passenger seats. I sewed passenger sides up. Climate control comes with car but is not installed. I got a plate to repair the front of the original climate control put on. This car is lightly modified with the following upgrades:

OBD1 B16A on P28 from Phearable.net.
b16a Cable transmission
ACT 2100 Clutch and pressure plate (4,000 miles old)
New gasket set installed when I purchased the B16A (4,000 miles old)
ARP head studs installed (4,000 miles old)
Baffles welded into oil pan for constant oil pickup
B16A header/2.5in full exhaust
Hasport motor mounts (4,000 miles old)
Hasport shift linkage and bushings (4,000 miles old)
Battery new (just bought a week ago) Relocated to the trunk
Alpine Stereo
Godspeed aluminum full radiator

This is all the car needs
Exhaust hooked up at the headers. (Currently safety wired)
Needs a new vtec solenoid gasket ( slight leak out of current one when hitting vtec)
climate control needs installed.

This was going to be my project car, but I have lost interest in this hobby. Engine runs strong, good compressions, and doesn’t burn oil. Red-lines at 8,200. I’ve always changed the oil every 3,000 miles. This is a nice car for the age.

Pictures are at the link below

Pictures by mekal420 - Photobucket

Asking price 4,000. Im located in Des Moines, IA. Contact me via email at MichaelSawyer1999@hotmail.com or by text/phone at 515-720-4518 my name is Michael. Thanks!
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