1988 Honda Crx HF


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~*~*~*~*~LS/VTEC In a 88 Honda Crx SWAP~*~*~*

Okay my friend just got a 88 Honda Crx HF and we pull the motor cause we are going to stick his LS/Vtec in it. We got the shift leakage and axles and motor mounts. Got a question about the Dist. how are we going to wire it up? cause its a OBO1... This motor was in a 94 LS Integ. But he got rid of it. But how are we gonna rewire the dist.? since the plugs are different? and another thing wouldnt he need a PR3 ecu for it??? I think thats all we need to know if there is anything else yall can think post it up.. thanks


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I think you can put an OBD0 dizzy and wire that up. Theres also some other suff that you need to convert to OBD0 so that you can run the pr3 ecu...but I'm not sure what.


did you do the Dual point to MPFI conversion already? I think you have to swap the HF hubs for DX or Si hubs for the axles to fit as well. You can use the OBD1 stuff, if you use a cross over plug at ECU and repin Dizzy connector.