1990 Civic STD w/B16A


i have a 1990 civic STD that i am getting a little tired of
it has
JDM B16 Y1 tranny, PR4 non-vtec ECU, avid mounts and linkage, rear disk swap from 1990 integra, 90 DX spindles in the front, complete 89 front suspension swap,
1994 integra seat, gauge cluster, and center console, eibach lowering springs, tilt steering, hurst short shifter, rear tie bar, front strut brace. body is kinda of rough and has 19X,XXX miles on it and the engine has about 38,000 on it, just intalled 3 weex ago.

i am looking to find a EX coupe

would anyone trade? i am probably nuts
will get more pix once i have washed it......


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You are using a PR4 on a VTEC equipped engine? I noticed you have nothing contorlling VTEC. Man, get the right ECU and you wont be tired of the car anymore. Did you ever wonder why VTEC never happended to kick in? Get a PW0 ECU and plug that bitch in and see what happens. Integra Gauge Cluster thats nice looking. Along with the steering wheel and seat combination it really looks nice. I like! But won't buy it.


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depending on your location and all... i have a 96 civic ex coupe with mods that im willing to trade given the right info.. thanxx