1990 Honda Prelude for sale Blown Motor CT

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New Member
Hey, I am trying to sell my Prelude and was wondering if anyone on this site would be interested in picking it up. I blew the motor in it last Sunday and now I am trying to see what I can get for it. Here are some of the details if you are interested.

-Integra Ls wheels (2 front tires are practically new)
-5 Speed
-Black cloth interior
-285,000 on the odometer
-Current motor had about 130,000 mile on it
-Clutch replaced about 70,000 miles ago
-Typical Honda rust
-Small dent in driver door
-Small dent in hood
-Door on driver's side needs a new latch/ hinge. (It hangs a little bit low and doesn't close)
-Stock Prelude spoiler

All in all, it is a solid car. I enjoyed driving it before the motor blew. If anyone is looking for a REALLY good parts car, or something to make into a project please contact me!


I am located in CT, please feel free to pass on the word to anyone you might think would be interested!