MN 1990 lx

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ambitious...but rubbish
looking to do a trade for a B16 swap in a kinda crappy shell that I can practice welding on.

and I dont want the rust to eat my car, I worked too hard on it to watch it die slowly of cancer.

1990 lx 4 door 5 spd
crx Si trans.
new clutch cable, newer cx clutch that will slip if you shift too hard, I do have a good condition exedy I removed this summer because of the bad cable:doh:D16Z6 rywire harness, dizzy hardwired for OBD1 plugs
neuspeed purple springs with stock shocks. rides nicely
comes on steelies, hx rims sold
bads, cracked windshield and needs O2 sensor

cash would take $2500 no radio and stock seats back in

pm me for my phone number if serious


nissan bump

I just picked up an S13 today, so willing to to partial trades for s13 stuff,
what it needs:
driver seat