1991 Accord w/H23 - Opinions Please

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Ok heres the deal, I am looking to get myself another Honda. Right now I am looking at a 1991 Accord that has a H23 swapped into it, its running on the stock accord ECU and the stcok tranny. Its popping a check engine light because of the lack of an 02 sensor othere than that it seems pretty clean. Its got headers and cat back exhaust all this for $1,500.

Now I completly trust most of everyones opinions on here so I figured I would see what you guys thought of this. My main plan is to boost it so would this be a good project to pick up? Thanks for any help guys.

Heres the link to the car, 1991 Honda Accord 5-Speed
:thumbsup: if it runs smooth and you can run it up to 70mph without blowing an ass cloud or the transmission falling out. :)

clean car, great price, imho.