1991 CRX HF

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1991 CRX HF. *** Salvage Title***

-New "intense"blue paintjob
- 2000 Civic si rims, perfect, at least 80% tread or blades
- new front bumper and hood, also carbon fiber race hood incl.
-Complete interior, either black or grey.
-Pioneer head unit. I believe its a 8600 or 8700
-MoMo "race" steering wheel 300mm
-B18C head.Fresh Build Spoon oversized valves,springs,and retainers. Type R Cams. Stage 2 Port/Polish job. JDM Type R Valve cover
-B16A jdm block.Fresh build Wisco Pistons 9:1,H-beam rods. block guards Type R oil Pump
-B17A Transmission. Cusco LSD. Fresh rebuild, all new rings and berings. And Type R 5th gear. Cusco Clutch
- koyo Super Thick Half size Radiator
Turbo Kit
- t3/t4 turbo .61 trim, SP spoolin performace equal lenth Turbo manifold, Tial Wastegate,SP 3" downpipe, Johnny race car Intercooler.SP 2.5" intercooler piping. Turbo XS rfl Bov.Blox intake manifold. RC 440 injectors, Walbro 255 Fuel pump. 3" exhaust to 3" N1 style muffler

The motor and head was just built for the car, and the tranny just rebuilt along with the LSD. The turbo kit is brand new and i just bought rear interior for my crx. the car has somewhere around 90,000 Original miles on the chassie. and the motor is still being broken in.


***THE BAD***
As stated above the car holds a salvage title. The dashboard and both door panels were vandleized, Slashed. I've been trying to look for door panels and a Dash for a good price but failed. also the headliner has a hole in it. thats all i can think of as of now. im looking for $$ offers, please do not low ball me. the turbo kit is brand new, the tranny is rare and has LSD. I looking to sell for a resonable price. Obviously the fact that it holds a Salvage title hurts its value, but please be nice i just built this car and havent even enjoyed it yet so dont kick me with a lowball offer. if there are any question then please pm or just reply to this Ad. thanks