1991 hb swap

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i am about to but a 1991 civic hb. i have a b18a1 out of a 1991 integra. will it go in with out place raving motor mounts. the front and the two sides look like they will fit but the back mount doesn't if you know any web pages that show this install please let me know :)


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you will need all new mounts, you can get them from a variety of different places...i.e. placeracing.com, hasport.com, hcpengineering.com, you will also need shift linkage, axels, and maybe a wire harness i do not know about that one. don't over look thing like radiator hoses too.
Good luck.


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I think you will need a wiring harness because the 91 Civic engine is DPFI and the B18A is MPFI.


Try to get as much of the harness as possible if you can for extra plugs. Make sure you get the injector resistor box and fuel injector plugs.