1992 Civic LX Fixer-upper or parts car

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Location: Gloucester, VA
Name: Matt

Hey all, i have a 1992 honda civic lx 4 door (d15b7) for sale, as a whole. I'm not parting it out, i want to get rid of the whole thing. it has 335,000 miles, and needs a LOT of work to get running right again. i don't need this LX now, I have another car. I can't justify spending the money to fix it when it will just sit in my yard. THE MOTOR RUNS GREAT, not even a check engine light. Here are the problems: Needs a new exhaust system: exhaust is missing the muffler and it's full of holes, needs a new transmission: transmission lost 4th gear, needs bulbs for the corner lenses, needs windshield wipers, needs a front bumper, the one in the pictures IS NOT HERE ANYMORE, needs a new valve cover gasket. That's all that i'm aware of. Car is sold as is, has a battery and starts up first try, always within 2 seconds. You could drive it home if you wanted, but it has an expired inspection sticker. and the car needs a good cleaning. Other than that the door panels need to be reupholstered, they're white vinyl and need to either be reupholstered or have a heat gun ran over them. and other minor stuff thats missing or not there. AC doesn't work, i dont know what is wrong with it. All power windows work except the switch for the front passenger side, but it works with the main switch on the drivers side. All power door locks work. Other than that, feel free to text me at (804) 832-4822 or reply to this ad. $350 FIRM

Will trade for a nice flip out or other Single-DIN IN-DASH DVD Player if i like it, or performance parts for d16, or possibly a Flat screen TV, if i get a good enough offer. Just text and offer, the worst i can say is no.​