1993 Civic Ex Coupe Transmission Swap P20->S20?

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I have a 1993 Civic Ex Coupe with a 5-Spd Manual Trans. This car is completely stock.

The p20 tranny's shaft ball bearings are grinding in all gears.

I'm about ready to purchase an S20 5-Spd Tranny to swap with the P20, but can't find any specs about it on this site.

Can I swap my P20 with S20? Is there any problem with the original p20 axle half shaft lengths, motor mounts, or mating surfaces?

Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think you also see a code A000 or B000.

A000= DX/LX
B000= EX/SI

depends on the gearing you going for. Close to stock you want the B000 I believe.
A000 b000

Hey, Thanks for all the responses! :)

Yeah, the P20 I have is B000, but I think the S20 I'm getting is going to be an A000.

First and Final gear ratio are pretty much the same for A000 for B000. That's all that matters for me.

I don't race this thing around town. It's just a commuter to get me to and from work with great MPG.

It's just embarrassing when taking off from a stop. The grinding noise and vibration. Feels like the tranny is just going to drop out from underneath me!

I'll go get the S20 today. I did this same swap for my earlier 86 CrxSi with an EW1 or EW2. Pretty simple. The 93 Civic has a hell of lot more wiggle room in engine compartment than the 86 CRX, making it alot easier to reach those mouting bolts.
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