1993 Civic LX Sedan - fixer upper quick sale project

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Whats up guys , couldn't pass this deal up I bought this 1993 Civic LX Sedan today for $400 about 30 miles from me , kid posted it on facebook saying $500 come get it out of my yard it needs a starter and alternator, I went to his house and shot him down to 400, literally put the starter remote wire back on and tightened the 10mm bolt on the alternator for power out and jumped the car off and tightened the terminals and car fired up and drove home and to dinner and back 0 issues, needs a few misc things im ordering about $300 in ebay parts ex: driver fender , front lip, new lights etc and a cheapo radio and speakers, going to throw some seat covers on the driver seats and detail the ying yang out of it and do and fix the valve cover nut that broke off (ive got plenty of spares laying around), repaint the valve cover and RESALE for 1500-1700 in under a month, its got new upper control arms and ball joints and tie rod ends and on ebay ground control coilovers and has a intake other than that it is stock , was not even in the market to buy a 3rd car but when I can easily make 4x investment I couldn't pass it up - and dericing begins here
Looks like a few guys have tried to fix it already. Hopefully things are okay and your not fixing other's mistakes. Good luck on the flip.
Are you going to replace the tires with some stretched tires?
Did a evac and recharge with sealant today and now the ac even works and blows cold, and yes its been attempted fixed a few times but im going to super polish this turd for a flip, believe it or not it actually could be fun on a short curvy road and even though its slow as hello the d15 sounds super throaty, thr power windows almost perfect which is hard to find , and the interior is pretty clean other than driver bolster rip, I think with new lights and fender and a front lip and use one of my dent fix kits on the truck to pull some dents and I dont see why it wont make 1500-1700 with about $750 total investment , and no its staying 205/50s , I need to sand and spraybomb the konig rewinds bad they have runs all over them
Today I bought new jdm tyte front and rear bumper quick releases, a new fender, front lip , and a radio+harness, and a new black floormat and seatcover set
how about a 300 maaco paint job? sell the wheels, put on steelies with hubs. maybe it will fetch 2k to a normal person if it was all one color.
how about a 300 maaco paint job? sell the wheels, put on steelies with hubs. maybe it will fetch 2k to a normal person if it was all one color.

that's what I was thinking. people don't care about lips and other bullshit. Smooth out the doors. paint it one color. call it a day.

the point of a "flip" is to invest as close to $0 as possible. Spending money on bolt-ons and shit doesn't make sense.

Don't think about selling to a honda guy. think about selling to someone that needs a cheap car that will get them where they need to go. The sales market for a honda person in your area might be 50 people. The sales market for a cheap, driveable honda with all the pieces can go to a million college kids or guys looking for a serviceable commuter.
its only $300 if you do literally every single bit of the prep work and everything is sanded/primed/prepped and taped , by the time I do that its a much more expensive paint job, its easier to spend $200 on fleabay parts and flip it into the honda community , and ive got people trying to buy it for 1200-1300 as it sits currently I posted it back for sale the same day I got it for $1500 , im going to throw the parts on it and sale it for $1500-1700 , and I really didnt buy dumb shit im making the bumpers not sag and putting the correct fender and a lip on it and putting a radio in it... not like im buying exhaust or performance parts
Also networking is what I do.. Selling the car in the honda community is 10x easier than selling to adverage joe, for instance both these honda sell pages are GA only and both at +/- 20k members it will be gone same weekend I want it gone
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