1993 hatch with b16a2 (??engine harness??)

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OK I recently bought a 1993 Civic hatchback shell. the previous owner throw in a D16z6, then i got a decent deal on a b16a2 out of a 2000 si. I have every thing figured out regarding the B16A2 swap except for the engine harness. I have researched and have found conflicting information....

There's what i think:

2000 si harness ODB 2 one piece- can't use

d16z6 harness ODB 1 connects to the shock tower - I will have to change injectors, alt, dizzy, run vtec wire from ecu and extend some wires

ODB 2 integra connects to the shock tower - injectors, alt, and dizzy are good
cost $100 to $150

so the easiest option is to buy the odb 2 integra harness

with a p28 chipped ecu

am I right?

Thank you for the help
( my first HONDA)


Staff member
No, the easiest thing to do is to use the obd1 z6 harness, and where necessary, swap the plugs for the alt/dist plugs. the integra harness is going to give you basically the same thing you already have in the si harness....

use a chipped obd1 p28 w p30 program, or just find a p30 (harder to find...) if you do the p30, you'll need to run the knock sensor wire as well (or if you don't disabled that sensor on the chipped p28)