1993 honda civic EX, relay location?

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i need to check my pgm fi main fuse relay, (a relay that turns my fuel pump on)and i dont know where it is?

am i wrong, but i think its where my interior fuses are under the steering column, correct? or am i wrong?

please respond asap,

thank you very much for your time! :worthy:
i am thinking its in the fuse box under the hood to the left by the battery, but thats jsut off teh top of my head. i got the same car, but its all the way downstairs and out front, so in order fo rme to check would mean walking. if its nto where i think i will go get teh bible out and figure it out for ya.

ps. i know the letters in my words get mixed around. i think faster than i type and it gets teh words all messed up. sad thing is i dotn think very fast at all :lol: . lol!
in the fuse box under the hood is just the ecu fuse, but i dont see a main relay, just for accesories coolingfan ect...

i know theres a massive main fuse next to the fuse box under the steering column, just dont know if its the right one.

and also, can those start to go bad, or are they just blown and thats it? im isolating a problem right now, and its not the fuel pump, it runs fine. just something isnt turning it on everytime i turn the key. its very aggrivating and it just happens at random.