CA 1994 Accord Wagon NASA H1/H2/E1 SoCal

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Got to sell the wagon. Located in Granada Hills in San Fernando Valley.

1994 Honda Accord 5dr Wagon LX 5-Spd

VIN: 1HGCE1726RA000024
Car is a pre-production car that has never seen the street and has 3452 miles on the odometer.
It was painted over the original scheme at the request of the previous owner of TRS Group 4 Racing. I chose BMW M3 Laguna Seca Blue. I then had an opportunity to have THANKS from UTI Crew apply his graffiti art.

The car started life as a Bonneville car that ran 212mph, built by Jeff “KIWI” Owen at a shop called Honda Tech. Then was bought and campaigned as a road race car by TRS Group 4 Racing.
It has successful race wins in the Los Angeles and Tijuana Pro Street races. Check link below to see where the car started, where it finished, and the cars it passed. It’s car #12 Driven by Peter Miller. The Downtown LA Motors PRO Series LA Street Race
Here’s another link to race info on 2000 LA Pro Street races. LA 2000 PRO Racing Series in the Streets of Los Angeles July 14
It won the inaugural United States Touring Car Championship race. USTCC: Phoenix debut race report | News |

Is now setup to race in NASA’s Honda Challenge H1-H2 or Endurance E1 classes.

Things that were done before I bought it to get it ready to campaign in NASA’s Endurance series. Engine rebuilt with new clutch, wheel bearings, Front NSX calipers. Wings West body kit, MOMO steering wheel, Sparco seat.

Things I’ve done since receiving the car. Engine tune done by Shawn Church of the H22 VTEC. After upgrading ECU with a Hondata S300, wiring, exhaust, and intake, Innovative race motor mounts, and new aluminum radiator with temp and oil pressure gauges. This led to a rules increase in weight change of 125 pounds for the H22 for the entire series. Sorry everyone else who ran an H22…

New rebuild of Koni race shocks by ProParts with shock dyno sheets for 900 front and 1000 rear springs. Needs new springs still. Camber adjustment parts front and rear.
New MFactory limited slip differential installed. 2 spare transmissions.
2 new sets of Hawk DTC-60 pads for the front Acura NSX calipers. 2 sets of wheels with 6 sets of spare tires.
Full carbon fiber dash. Not installed.
NASCAR bars on driver and passenger side doors.

$4500 FIRM

petershaus at yahoo dot com

Link to Wagon photos I have.
Wagon pictures by leadfootSRT - Photobucket
If you need another pic let me know and I'll take some with the phone. That's all I have for now as I moved all my stuff I'm not selling to OK already. Let's make a deal! I need her gone ASAP!



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Edited the price for you. Just shoot me a PM next time and I'll be happy to edit it :thumbsup:

This looks like a fun car. Been contemplating going a similar route with my hatchback.
"DUDE" Does the AIR work??

Boy, I wish I could get this.
I'd have to leave it at MOM-n-laws in San Pedro, and figure out HOW/WHEN to drive it back to Memphis..
i guess that there would be NO way to get rear seats in there for the roll cage?

So, is it Blue or 'Wrapped' in something else?

Thanks and Good luck.

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Came back to look at it.

I could picture it as a convertible/El Camino style and some how keeping the roll cage, but lowered out of sight.

Heck, down here, just as long at there are wipers, horn, lights and windshield isn't cracked it WOULD pass inspection.!!

BOY would that be a sleeper here.

It's painted 01 M3 Laguna Seca blue. It was a little too plain for me. Had an opportunity to have one of LAs premiere graffiti artist THANKS of UTI do his tag.

It's now located in Oklahoma City area!