1994 Honda Accord LX for sale - Denver, CO

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I'm looking to sell my 1994 Honda Accord 5-speed with 205,962 miles on it. I'm asking for $700.

It needs new front axle/cv joints, front window, driver side mirror, and the exhaust is broke,. probably needs 2 new front tires, there flat in the pics but they do hold air, its just been sitting too long, back tires are brand new. However the engine runs perfectly, i just started it and it fired right up.

owned this car for 12 years, bought it when i was 16. I've never had a single major problem with the engine at all. About 6 years ago i drove the car to GA from CO it got over 30 miles per gallon all the way there, i drove it a bit while out there then it sat in a garage for a year. I then towed it to SD, where it sat in a garage for a year. Then it started right up and i drove it back to Thornton, CO (i got around 30 MPG) where it sat in my driveway for almost 3 years. I moved to a new house Jan 2014 and it started right up and i drove it to the new house no problem.

I'm located in Thornton, CO (just north of Denver)
Anymore questions just post on here, or shoot me a call or text at (720)240-7213


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