1995 Civic Swapping a B16A2

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Im swapping a b16A2 in my 95 honda civic EG, but im not sure what mounts i need from a honda/acura with this engine inside or similar...
Rear "T" Bracket from a 94+ GSR.
Driver's side (timing belt) engine mount bracket from a 94+ GSR.
It would help more if we knew what engine you have in the car :unsure:
Then you will possibly need the driver's side mount from a 95 Ex or Si, or the GSR drivers side. (upper mount)
On my Ex i reused the tranny mount, bolted right up, but that was a d16z6.
I used a 98 GSR harness, that way you wont have to change the dizzy, injectors, ot the alternator, and you dont have to hack a harness or 2, and it is wired for VTEC.
There is a Type R harness for sale in the Parts Section of hondaswap, for $125, i'd pick that up if i were you.
You will need the b16a2 shiftlinkage and axles.
If you don't have the axles you can use 94+ integra LS axles.
OH> and welcome to hondaswap :D


Just to clarify, this is a b16a2 from a 99-00 Civic Si, right?
Not a b16 SIR II?
They have differences.
oops.. let me clarify this I bought a JDM B16 SIR-II with auto trans, axles, uncut harness, and ECU. I used back my civic harness, it fitted perfect cept like 4 wires i need to add. As for the mounts, i bought genuine honda mounts for the 95 honda del sol dohc vtec which has a b16 in it. only mount i got trouble with is the trans mount.