1995 Honda Civic Ex

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New Member
Looking for ideas that i can do with this car.
Tell me what you would do?

i think the front is perfect. probably not going to do anything. if i am though it would be to put fog lights on this guy.

I need a side skirt for this car. going to paint the black thing on the side all white too. also need rims on this guy.

im going to take the civic sticker off. Looks ugly.i need a rear bumper and thinking about getting a HKS exhaust too.

might put a passwordjdm intake on this guy.
How far are you lookin to go with this car? Oh, and remember that if you paint the strips on the side white they will chip from those idiot door swingers in parking lots. If the car was mine, I would do I/H/E, maybe some amber corners, side markers, and some suspension...ya know, make it more enjoyable to drive without being tacky
IMO the less fiberglass the better. I'd use a polyurethane lip kit, drop it a few inches. and go for some clear corners. White egs look so good when they're done up clean IMO.
Wheels only for the outside, maybe white or bronze

Tein or eibach springs

eBay intake, and go to a muffler shop and get a custom exhaust, its way way way cheaper than HKS or greddy or what ever over priced name brand u were thinking of