1997 civic coupe... EJ6? EJ7? Automatic K Swap...

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Ok so my wife wants more power out of her civic but REFUSES to drive stick! I was looking at swaping a complete setup out of a 07 TSX automatic... Ive been told by Kswap that its impossible, tech your wife to drive stick! But I know someone has to have done this!

I was willing to slap a turbo kit on it but I know the transmission cant handle it and NOONE makes a performance rebuild kit for it!
the auto tranny computer just doesn't work easily and that's why folks will tell you not to do it. I'm not a k-expert either but in b-series land, the mounts are all different too.

if you have the money to turbo or do a k swap, why not just sell the civic buy a tsx? you'll be in it about the same
I second the motion. Sell the civic and get a much newer, safer, and faster car.

Get her an 8th gen civic for about 5k and she'll be super happy.