1997 Integra Rack and Pionion Question.

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Well, my teggy seems to be hating itself lately.. The latest:

Leaking power steering fluid pretty bad.. I checked to see where it was coming from.

The boots on each side of the rack and pionion assembly have little nipples on them. A rubber hose connects to the nipples, connecting the boots together. One of the nipples broke off, and fluid is running out of the hose.

The question is, Is that hose supposed to be transferring fluid or air? If its supposed to be air, then a seal inside the boot is blown, allowing the fluid to enter the boot, and transfer from side to side, filling both boots with fluid. If its supposed to be fluid, then I just need to replace the boot.. Trying to figure this one out.

Anyone know?
air line between rack boots

Yup, the Integra shop manual says the hose between rack boots is for air. Rack boots full of fluid mean a rack seal problem, I guess.
Yes it's for air, you shouldn't be getting any fluid into the bellows boots on the rack. If you are the seals are leaking, and it's time to replace it.