1998 Black Honda civic ex coupe for SALE


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What’s up? I'm looking to sell my 1998 Honda civic Ex coupe for $8995 dollars. I haven’t perfected this uploading of pictures yet so they kind of look sh*%y right now. I can also e-mail more pictures or explain things better through e-mail/this forum. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan and am ready to help you get in this sweet car.

What you get
- 1998 Honda Civic Ex Coupe (manual) (Black obviously)
- 131,000 miles
- H&R Lowering springs 1.75 inches in front 1.5 in rear
- Body Kit Blitz rear bumper Blitz side skirt Black Magic front bumper (the picture shows different for the front bumper only)
- ADR Demonya 18'' Wheels with Toyo Proxies low pros
- ICEMAN cold air intake
- Tanabe Racing Medallion cat back Exhaust
- Winter wheels and tires
- Stock front, rear, and side skirts
- Carbon fiber front grill (where the Honda emblem normally is) also not shown
- Mint condition interior with non-smoking driver
- Very good body
- Treated VERY well/Runs perfect
- That tint on the front drivers and passengers side windows is taken off (illegal in some states)
- Altezza tail lights
- Halo front headlights
- Premium Infinity kappas sound system. Including Tweeters 5 ¾ door speakers and back window speakers.
- Also included is a MTX 4 channel amp.
- Wires/RCA’s are provided for Sub woofers and amps.(already ran through the car and in the trunk ready to be hooked up. (more details on this can be e-mailed)
- A panasonic CD player with detachable face.
- Viper car alarm, Best Buy installed.

(may be updated with things I missed)

-What’s wrong with it.
The rear aftermarket bumper needs some work. It has a crack in it. It can be fixed but you may just want to put the stock bumper on or get a new aftermarket one. Between 65-75 MPH the car shakes lightly because Bell Tire was unable to align the wheels perfectly because of the size of the wheels and lowering it. With stock wheels it doesn’t shake at all. Minor paint work might want to be done on the new Black Magic front bumper. It came painted but it is an OK job (depends how picky you are).

Besides these small issues the car is in almost flawless condition. I babied this car! Changed the oil every 3,000-3,500 like I said before, I never raced it and it is ready for an all year around car (because of the stock wheels and bumpers for winter use).

Don’t hesitate to e-mail me or post questions about the car. If you are interested we can talk and set up a time to meet/test drive.
check it out at Autotrader.com too
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Yep, looks like a Michigan rice pile. This thead sucks, your car sucks and you suck.
Wrong section, and since it's not really a TRUE for-sale thread until it's in the right section:
It's ugly and ricery, which is probably why you're selling it.
It's extremely over priced by about $6,000.
It's your first post and you just came to sell, that bothers me deep inside.
I hope your car gets bought by someone who will actually appreciate it and put it back to stock.

PS: If I hurt your feelings, I really don't give a shit.
You hurt mine- by wrecking Hondaswap with this miscategorized piece of shit.
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