1999 Civic Type R (sorta)

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Well not exactly a "type R", but i got your attention. Read on.

Original cost I was asking for was 10k, I've decided to lower the cost 2 grand. Really for the simple fact that I have too many cars than I have space to put them. I'm sure about 10 of high ranking members here can vouch for me. I'm asking 8k. Its your's along with all the extra stuff I have with it. This is a great car, with a lot of great things already done to it. A perfect platform for someone getting into the scene and doesn't want to start from scratch.

Me Info:

AIM: simplegreen99
email: erich [At] purely-creative[dot]com
Location: Baltimore Maryland (i will handle shipping the car if you pay for it)
Vin: I will provide this for serious buyers as well as a car fax report

1999 Honda Civic EX Coupe


-98 Intera Type R Swap
-98 Type R Trans (with over drive and lsd)
-Head P&P 47 over cfm
-P28 Tuned via UberData (Has two interchangeable chips n/a & n2o *w/ cam2*)
-Obd2b-Obd1 Conversion harness
-ACT XTR Clutch
-Fidanza 7.5 Fly wheel
-NX Direct Port (currently has 100 hp jets)
-Nx Purge Kit
-Walbro 255 Fuel pump
-310 RC Saturated Injectors
-RC obd1 Injector Clips
-Golden Eagle Fuel Rail
-ACL Rod, Main & Thrust Race Bearings
-ARP Studs (head/main/flywheel)
-Crower Stage Cams 2b (race non vtec lobe)
-Crower Springs/retainers
-Golden Eagle Adjustable Cam Gears
-DC sports 4-1 with 2.5 inch collector (dei wrapped w/silicone treatment)
-Catco 2.5 inch Cat
-Greddy Evo Exhaust (full)
-MSD Blaster Coil
-MSD Window Switch
-MSD RPM selector module
-MSD distributor Cap
-MSD Wires
-Defi Oil Temp gauge
-Defi Oil Pressure
-Defi Water Temp
-Defi Tans Temp
-N20 Pressure Gauge
-Comutech EGT Probe and Gauge
-Hardcore Tuning Grounds
-Tank is in the trunk mounted with down tube
-Place racing poly mounts
-Magnetic drain plug
-All new seals and gaskets I MEAN ALL, every single one was changed in the rebuild 6 months ago.
-All new belts as well (including timing belt)
-New water pump


-DC sport Short shifter
-Diamond Plate floor panels
-Two pod gauge cluster
-Reverse glow gauges
-Three gauge pillar pod
-5' Monster Tach w/shift light
-N20 engage button (hidden)
-Rear strut bar
-Removable Head unit


-Tokico Pro shocks and springs (just put them on yesterday so zero miles
-14' HX honda wheels
-Azenas Sport Falken Tires (80% left if not more)
-Oem Fit VIS carbon fiber hood
-New OmniPower lower control arms


-2000 SI ecu
-Extra MSD selector switch
-00 Integra Rear Disk brakes (full arms and all with new E brake cables)
-Stock hood
-Extra Set of Stock OEM rear red/white tail lights
-Im sure i have more crap


-The motor was just recently completely rebuilt, not for any mechanical defect but it was built intentionally for the n2o, it's been properly tuned and parts chosen for this. Since the fresh built the motor has 500 miles on it.
-Trunk has spoiler holes that were JB welded (by me) because the moron before me has some god awful wing i took off




More pictures
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Hey can you help me out? Where did you get your Place racing poly mounts at? And how much are they? I am looking for some mounts. I am doing a type R in to my 97ex Thank Wolfy
I bought them a few years back, a place up here in maryland that i dont think is in business anymore though. But fear not, i know exactly where you can get a great set. Their a little pricey though. 8 grand, but the good side is they come attached to a sweet car. What do ya think ;) ;)
Wish I had the dough man, goodluck. (I didn't know you were simplegreen on chicken and pickles).

I'd buy that thing in a heartbeat. Whats the mileage on the engine? (if it's in there, I missed it)
Is the car for sale still? And is the price still 8k?