1999 honda civic si SHELL....electric blue !..2500

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really thats not bas as the complete car with a b16 in it still sells for 8k
at this rate you could through a grs turbo set up in it and still be under the regular selling cost of an si id get it for my h2b but im broke good luck


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bump for you sounds like a good deal. Get some pics up here, host them on photobucket, you should get a lot more interest.


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I will trade you my built and boosted 95 ex , jdm head new tranny garett turbo... the list goes on. Car is tuned on hondata s300 on 9 pounds of boost pulling ridiculously hard. Turn the boost up to 15 pounds it will be pushing well over 300 to the wheels. I need a shell for my jdm b16 : )
so your selling a stock shell for 2500? with no motor and trans?

yaa im with ya.. Does it have iterior:? i suppose if it has every thing BUT engine and trans thats not terrible but if it is indeed by the origin of the word Shell Which is stripped down to the metal no interior or ne thing then thats def a little high