TX 1st gen EDM CRX cluster, and Auto EG cluster

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I wanna be sedated
First up is a 1st gen European CRX gauge cluster, reads to 220km/h, 155,447km on the odometer. I am not sure if the exact year I think it was an '85, but it's a cable drive. I removed this from the Rex about 12 years ago, and it's been moving around with us ever since, it's time to let it go ...



Next up is an EG cluster, from an automatic, reads in mph/ and km/h, with 137,554 miles on the odometer, exact year unknown, maybe be missing a couple bulbs, and the plastic front has some scratches. I removed this from a Civic in a salvage year with intentions of using the speedo, but never needed to, so take it away ...



CRX cluster I am asking $95 shipped.
Civic cluster ...$20 shipped.

or feel free to make an offer

This is cross posted on another forum, first "I'll take it" by time stamp gets it.

Paypal, or Postal Money Order (item ships upon redemption of M.O. from P.O. which will be within one business day of it's arrival)

PM though here, or email jcl818 at yahoo.com
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