20 ft container from japan...

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I would be in for b18c gsr or itr motor and tranny with lsd let me know some prices!! Oh and good lookin out


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If the ITR motor is an impossiblilty for that price, I would be up for a JDM B18C with LSD as well. Looks like they are going for about 2,800 on ebay right now, so maybe we can get something better than that...


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Provided the prices are right i am definitly in for a 5-speed obd1 gsr and a fwd sr20det.


I'm in desperate need of a GSR transmission w/ LSD. I want to be down but I don't think I can wait till mid April. If I haven't found a tranny by then, i'm definetly in! One thing though, how is this suppose to work? Are we suppose to pay you first and then you go over there and look for things?


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I live in San Juan, PR but that's a excellent idea, give price and if it's actaully a good price PM me and I'll go sounds like a round trip..... or maybe over seas trip.. hmmm I'll go if you let me know with enough time that I can away from work...

San Juan, PR


still waiting to hear back from them regarding prices...

i will write them again today
i've been home sick the last couple days, which sucks cause then i roll back into work with 10 foot piles of paper all over my desk
fuck you tax season, fuck you...

and uhm... i'll look for the H22 type R, but i hear its REALLY REALLY rare, so prob won't have much luck finding one... but i can always throw a red valve cover on one and call it a type R if you want? maybe type S would be a little easier to find if you're still interested... :D

and not sure how the funding will work, of course i would like the funds up front, but i wouldn't accept your money unless i already confirmed i would be able to get your order when i get there...
now if people can't manage funds up front then i would have to look into some sort of short term loan, but considering the total cost of this operation i doubt a financial institution would wanna touch this... and then of course if i did get your motor and you fell through i would have to take your legs as payment... so we'll stick to the money up front... we'll see how it goes and how badly i need more people on board before we discuss funding...


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PM me when you can figure a cost for some CTR cams and a Type R header!! Thanks


Provided the right price, I would be in for one maybe two OBDII GSR complete swap with LSD...email/post when you get word on the $. Thanks for putting all the effort in man, it's appricitated even if it doesn't go down.



hey guys, just saw this come back to the top...

still waiting to hear from the guys in japan, not sure what the hell the problem is but i sent them 2 e-mails so far and no response


so if anyone else knows of yars in japan then hit me off with their website, so i can try and keep this going...


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I have a couple of yards I could set you up with..but as I mentioned above the minimum is going to be a 40'. <_<

Import Builders

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Ok check it out. You better know the guy who your paying pretty well before evena ttempting this. Listen to this.

I know a friend of mine that lost hundreds of thousands of dollars doing that. What he did was flew to japan, hand picked several 40' containers, full of type-R motors, etc etc, mitsu motors, turbo motors, etc...and then actually went down to the docks with the marked containers and watched them get loaded on the ship.

Then he flew back to long beach and waited for the containers, that were marked.

So the containers come in, the exact same ones he saw loaded on the ship. with the markings, and then he transported them to his place, opened them up and they were full of junk, with not 1 motor he loaded on there himself in there.

Turns out, the people who own the containers, the people he paid the money have the RIGHT to REMOVE the container from the ship after its loaded on the ship, fill it full of whatever they want, and ship you crap.

And I witnessed this rip off. secondarily, I have heard of that happening to several people. second hand. But that one was first hand. I knew the guy, I remember when he went to japan, when he came back, what happened, what was in the thing, etc.

So PAY MORE to buy from a source HERE, that already gets them reliably. So you can get your hands on the guy you are paying in a US Court.

Buyer beware.



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damn, that totally sucks... i think i would fly back to Japan "Kill Bill" style :)