2000 1999 GSR Swap Clean Built

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We have a 99 - 00 Gsr swap, it has type r pistons and shotpeen rods in teh bottom end, the engine has been compression tested and leaked tested It is perfect and very very clean, there is 10k since the bottom end has been done, there is 21k on the whole swap. We are only asking 3100obo... Email me at Eklektekracing@aol.com. WE DO HAVE THE VIN NUMBER.. it is 3307702
VIN #'s are 17 characters long...
what can i say, my post quality sucks

Psst...come closer, no a little more closer, Ill tell you a secret...send me 5 bucks in paypal, and Ill make your post count negative too :)

BACK OT...what year is the engine anyways?

2000 or 1999?
This guy is legit and he does have good prices on the swap he sells. I would recommend him, as he is where I am going to be getting my b18b swap!