2000 dx coupe build

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So I currently have a 2000 dx coupe with a y7 and 5speed with just little stuff like integra seats, Acura el cluster and mirrors, short throw shifter.

I purchased a 95 Acura integra ( body is shot ) with a b20z2 on a b18 hydro tranny. The car has a obd1 b16 distributor on it right now and only has the top bolt in the dizzy so i dont think the timing it quite right but runs decent and it is running on a obd1 p75 ecu.

When i go swap this into my civic im going to use the integra shift linkage and inner cv joints on d series outer axles. Will have to order 99-00 SIR timing belt post and a rear t bracket?

But I am also wondering since my car is obd2b and the b20z2 is a obd2b motor would it be easier for me to run a obd2b b20z2 distributor and obd2b p75 ecu?

And i should be able to use most of my dx wiring harness and just rob a few connectors from the integra or will none of them work because it is obd1?


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If my memory serves me correctly, only the distributor, injectors, and alternator plugs are different