2000 Ex Won't Start

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I was trying to help one of my friends get his 2000 Civic Ex started. He said that it was runnign fine last night when he parked it and today he couldn't start it. He noticed that it had been misfiring since he put new plugs in a few weeks ago. We noticed that his AEM cam gear had slipped all the way into the advanced side, past the recommended numbers on it. (I want to mention that he only had 2 out of 3 bolts to hold the cam gear in place :whatafucktard: , jk)
Here is what we did, we got the cam gear back to zero. It was a pain in the ass to move. He was holding the bolt on the cam in place while I was spinning the crank pulley with a socket wrench with a breaker bar. The timing belt is extremely tight. I noticed that I was not able to spin the engine completey around with the wrench and breaker bar. I could move it a little and then I would have to move it the other way.
We replaced the distributor rotor, spark plugs (which were just replaced but the gap was large on them) They were a little white on the tip. We cleaned the connections on the distributor cap. I checked for spark from each plug wire. The car is getting fuel, the spark plugs had some gas on them when I pulled them right after we cranked the engine over. The engine spins and sounds like it wants to start but it won't.
I think that the timing belt is to blame, possibly it slipped a tooth.

Anyone have any ideas? He has an extended warranty on the car, but with a CAI, FPR, header, some fuel charger thing, cam gear, and exhaust that he is going that have a tough time with them honoring the warranty. What else can we check? Does anyone in CT who has done a few timing belts want to take a look at this, and possibly put the stock cam gear one?
Sorry for the long post, I am just wondering WTF is wrong with this car.
I would pull the timing belt off, put the stock cam gears on, line all the timing marks up and put the T-belt back on. If it doesnt start then, check ignition timing and compression. If it doesnt work then- put all the stock parts back on and tow it to the dealer.
Thats what our plan is now, I just don't feel like putting the stock cam gear on and changing the timing.
He had the top of the timing belt cover off. A mouse fell in there and got all fucked up. This caused the timing belt to jump. 650 bucks later he is all set, eventhough I think that he might have a little valve damage.
hahahhahahahahhahaha, holy shit, that is funny as fuck...... one time my friend bought a totalled lazer and we were taking the 4g63 out and swapping it into his eclipse and as he was underneath unbolting the tranny a grass snake came out, we're not sure exactly where it came from but he started screaming, we were all shitting our pants.