2000 SI Fuel Pump Problem

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I purchased a 2000 honda civic si that had a ls darton sleeved block bored out to a 2.1L. The car had an aftermarket accel stand alone, cp pistons, crower rods, msd inline fuel booster, msd ignition, 680cc injectors, stock fuel pump, turbo, ect. I bought the car with a blown motor and desided to swap the stock motor (99 si b16a with about 3000 miles on it) back in. When I turn the ignition on, the fuel pump keeps on running. On all of my other honda's the car primes for about 3 seconds and than stops untill you start the car. I was told not to worry about this, but after about 6 miles, the IAC (EACV) - idle air control valve went out. The other problem is that when you turn the key on, it sounds like the fuel is flowing straight through the regulator and back to the return line. I tried to replace the evaporative emmission control solinoid (on top of the fuel rail, injectors plug into it ), the fuel relay, and the fuel pressure regulator without any change. I checked the ecu wiring, and from what i could see the pump wiring is all stock.
Can anyone tell me what is causing the pump to keep running and would this cause any problems in the future? thanks
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bad relay? :blink:
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Tryed swapping the relay with one out of a 97 civic that works and still no change.
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maybe the inline fuel pump? or maybe he lied to you and it has a bigger intake fuel pump, i just swapped a walbro 255HP into my car and it stays running from the time i turn the key till i shut it off and you can hear it, if its not that maybe he swaped the Filter on the pump with an aftermarket one, most every aftermarket pump's Filter is known to be loud

BTW the ez way to check if you gotta fuel pump is see what the fuel PSI is at, or let the car run and see if you smell rotten eggs and along with the smell your eyes will start to tear ( its only unburnt fuel ) cant cause nuttin but bad gas milage