2000 si

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i had a ? i just purchased a 2000 si off one of my buddies, i was driving all day yesterday and the check engine light came on. i called him up and he said if vtec still works than its probaly a o2 sensor, is this true or could there b something mech. wrong with the motor. :confused:
Get the code read. If you don't have a scanner, then go to Advanced Auto or some place that will scan the code for you and see what it is.

The CEL controls more than just O2 sensors and vtec.
Ask them to write down the codes for you, so you can research them more. I've witnessed a few times where they have told customers what parts to get, but never what the code was.
no it diff has a cat and secondary o2 sensor i mean the vtec is still popping so idk know maybe the sensor went bad. it does have ctr pistons and ctr inake cam,that were just installed about a months ago but i dont see why it would throw a cel light now. ive been driving it for a month now. any ideas:confused:
o2's go bad. and more so, the 2ndary is a checker o2... it takes the pre-cat reading and expects it to be X cleaner after the cat.
if it's not, it will throw a code.

when you got into modding heavily, it puts out more exhaust than it expects.