2001 Pearl White Prelude for sale

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Hey everyone...I am trying to sell my 2001 Prelude. It is pearl white, the paint is perfect as well as the interior. It has 17,000 miles on it and it is a manual. Here is a list of the mods:
everything goes...
AEM cold air intake
DC sports ceramic header
Thermal cat back exhaust
Venom cam gears
JDM blue valve cover
Neuspeed race springs
OEM front lip
Wings West side skirts and rear valence
18" Racing hart evo C2s with nitto 450 tires
Viper 550 alarm with proxy
I am asking $20,500 with everything
email: girleracer@aol.com
phone: (703)282-5471
I live in the northern va area.
Thanks, Jen
okay...so i tried to post a pic but couldn't...if you want to see a picture please let me know how...or email me and I will send it to you...thanks