2002 Ex B16 Sirii Or B18c1 Swap

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Junior Member
hey i just bought a 2002 civic ex and i put a injen cold air into to it but ive been wondering about my next step which is the motor. i don't know to much about the b18 other than it has more torque or something like that and it can kill SiRII. but again i know that the b16 can take alot and is no different from the b18 other than its power. i know its cheaper to get the b16 but what im looking for is a motor that can serve a can of whoop ass you know. what i plan on doing to the motor is SC it i would go turbo but theres Vtec and i want vtec :D what im trying to ask here is for your comments maybe you can give me so advice because is it possible to put a type r jdm motor into my ride and yeah so again if you can just tell me whats up id appreciate aight late