2002 RSX Type S K24z2 swap.

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New Member
Hello y’all, so I just recently got a 2002 RSX Type S and the guy before me has a K24z2 engine mounted on the transmission ready to be put In. I have talked to a couple people but not many that know much about swapping engines. Do any of you by chance know or have heard of putting in a K24z2 into an RSX before? I’ve heard a lot about K24a2 but nothing about z2’s. Thanks!


the z is just a newer version of the a from the Accord. it should be pretty much the same stuff.

Are you using the full swap or just the block? your rsx head might be better...


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The full swap. I don’t have the old engine the guy said something busted on it that’s why he had this one. Yeah the only thing I’ve noticed really is that the exhaust port is different. The manifold is built inside the engine instead of needing one outside just needs a down pipe.