2012 TSX K24 Additional Power


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I have a 2012 TSX Wagon with a k24z3. Had a TL with a 3.2L J series prior to this car. We love the functionality of the Wagon, however the K24 seems slightly under powered with the wagon. A J swap is out of the question. However, I was reading that the heads have changed from prior years. Would a K20 head or previous TSX K24 head and cams be a reasonable upgrade? Are there better options for OEM Honda K24 cams?

I would prefer not to do I/H/E mods as I want the car to remain quiet as it is a family car.

Any suggestions to make 20 to 60 flywheel horsepower without ruining the daily driver comfort of this car?


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Hondata has a flashpro for your motor. They have a race only flashpro and a carb California smog flashpro. Having a tuner help you on this is recommended.