2014 Veloster Turbo

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thompson speedway motorsports park.

you remember cart? i am their membership director now :)
Nice! I'm guessing the autocross scene is alive and well back there.

Those S turns remind me of lime rock in CT.
7 years married today. Funny story, we go back to the place we were wedded at for dinner they offer a discount for us it’s nice. So the bathroom outside their tavern had a line so I walked over to the bathroom near the hall where the parties to be wedded do their tastings. Some guy in there is like you aren’t part of this why are you here? I was dressed fairly casual everyone in that hall was dressed to the 9s. I told the guy well I got married here 7 years ago today and I’m going to pee wherever I like! He’s like well …. Okay? So I did my thing and left. Maybe he expected a different response.

Either way we had a good time then went to a dessert and coffee bar up the street for a crappy live guy. Totally murdered cash and Chapin. Our drinks matched our desserts lol

Edit just realized the veloster is in the dessert photo lol