2015 Honda CTX700n

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just so everyone can see, these spots are where you are most likely to make contact with the road.

so no helmetless riding, no brain buckets... just chin protection.

Installed the eBay special back rack. The price reflects the quality and it’s almost completely straight lol. It did require significant coaxing to fit.


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Going to blow through a full tank this week. Not enjoying the cold mornings but the afternoons and evenings have been nice.

9k on the bike as of today.

well the time has come, the inspection guy says my front tire is dry rotted and cupped; needs to be replaced and the rear tire should be done when the season is over.. i have dunlop sportmax q3+ tires on it now. the front is certainly looking rough even with lots of tread left.

i ordered a sportmax gpr-300 tire to replace it as they recommended which should be more compliant overall in all conditions considering my riding style. i guess i don't need super grippy sport tires on my bike like i do my car.

to remove the front wheel, i am going to put it up on the center stand and do what? it should not take much to rock the bike back i was thinking of having my wife sit back on the bike so i can remove the wheel. i saw on the forum someone used a jack and block of wood to hold the bike forks up. my father recommended strapping the handlebars but i only have garage door track to hang it from but i don't think i am going to do this.

on my old buell i had to remove the exhaust to get the bike supported underneath (the pipe and muffler are underneath the motor, motor block is part of the frame) to remove/repack the triple tree and replace the forks. but it was alot less weight too.
ive already confirmed i wont need my wife, lol . i put the bike up on the stand and it requires very little force to rock it to the back tire so i ratchet strapped it to my workbench leg.

still waiting for the tire to arrive before taking things apart but i loosened all the bolts already.