2016 HS Meet - Pikes Peak

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2016 meet will be in Pikes Peak/Colorado Springs, Colorado

event schedule:

The first few days in the week aren't very spectator orientated it sounds like (Wil, correct me if I'm wrong)

I'm thinking most of us would arrive thurs night, June 23rd (i'm coming in on wed to see family the day before)
Friday June 24th. Hang out for lunch, Attend the Fan Fest block party in Colorado springs 5-11pm for the event.
Saturday day - Wil is preppin', we are off exploring. Sat night, group hangout grillin and such?
Sunday 3am, hill opens if you want to go up. Once you're up your stuck there forever. haha public driving up closes at like 7am. Then it's the race day!
fly out monday afternoon? denver airport is about 1.5 hours north
tuesday is probably a cheaper flight due to the traffic. I may just stay an extra day and hang out and explore some of CO on Monday.

Official hotel http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Re...ls_Motel-Cascade_El_Paso_County_Colorado.html They are old school and don't have a web site. ((719) 433-3914) but you are free to stay where ever you want. There is no discount/etc due to the event weekend. Suggest you book asap due to many places probably filling up already.

edit: Awaiting confirmation from Wil that this is the correct place and has vacancy

The Cast:
@civicious is racing the IDB/HondaSwap CRX up the climb! https://hondaswap.com/threads/finally-back-in-the-garage-part-deux.527866/
@Briansol I'm in, will be visiting family the day before.
@Matts96HB is interested.
@get_nick is 70% in

who else?

Bring warm clothes/ hoodies/hats/gloves.etc. The top of the mtn will likely be freezing, even in summer if you plan to go up. If you've never been at high altitude, be aware that if you are not in decent shape, walking may make you pass out. Hit the gym fatty. :)

If you plan to drive the road, make sure your car has good brakes!

oh, and I call shotgun in the GTR if Matt drives out :D
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It's not a B&B, it's a regular hotel/motel. I stay there every year, if we get a tally of how many are committed we can just get a group of rooms - but it may be easier if everyone books individually. Is whatever though. There are other motels and such in the area, Manitou Springs is pretty touristey and pricey but there are inexpensive motels in Colorado Springs (about 5-10 minutes from Pikes Peak & Cascade Lodge or whatever it's called now).

On race day, once the race has started at some point the open the mountain back to downhill traffic - so you don't have to stay the ENTIRE day, and you can leave and come back as well.

The first few days are tech inspection and practice - but practice starts at like 4am and ends at 8:30-9am, and then we spend the rest of the day fixing stuff on the car or sleeping or hanging out and enjoying Colorado.
I'm bringing the GTR. I'll be confirming my days off when I go back to work next week, but tentatively, I'll be arriving June 23rd and leaving June 27th.

B&B plan sounds good to me. Nomz
Sounds like it could be a great time.

I will be very newly married during this period so I am not sure if it will be a good idea to take a weekend for a guys trip when I will be traveling also some week days.
phone number for the motel doesn't seem to work... getting a new one from wil
im out. most likely honeymooning at that time :/
bring the wife!
Sounds like it could be a great time.

I will be very newly married during this period so I am not sure if it will be a good idea to take a weekend for a guys trip when I will be traveling also some week days.
bring the wife!

It's an hour from Denver. tons of stuff to do in the area. Hang out friday night and sunday for a bit.

or, you could go to a beach... or a cruise... lol
Most recent number I have is (719) 433-3914, that's Alicia who owns Cascade Lodge (or at least did as of a few months ago)...awesome little foreign lady
I didn't find that number anywhere. found 3 others. 2 were disconnected, one was julia, who's voicemail was clearly pissed off that people keep calling for the hotel and not her. lol

i'll try that number tomorrow.
found a flight for $524 non stop, round trip, at pretty convenient times too leaving wed morning and departing tuesd afternoon. Saved to my itinerary to watch the price movement.
assuming the hotel is under 100/night, it's $1000 trip for 5 days + rental car and some spending cash. <$1500 for a week vaca isn't bad.
kristen is not interested in motorsports or car people.
It appears my work schedule is going to work perfectly with this. I'm in.

I'll reserve a hotel when I get back to Salt Lake. If anyone can't afford a room, wants to save money, etc.. You're welcome to crash in my room. Also, I can pick people up/take them to the airport. I'll probably be stopping in Denver to have lunch with coworkers anyways.