2018 Touring Scraping

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Hello everyone,

I drove my wife’s 2018 Civic Touring today for the first time for an extended amount of time. (I’ve driven it a few miles here and there to run to a store or something.)

I noticed the bottom would scrape any time the road was perfectly flat. I’m not taking rough roads or parking lot/drive way entrances, though it does it there too. I’m talking about 45-70mph freeways and highways. She said it happens all the time. And even mentioned som roads she can’t drive on because if she goes any faster than 15-20mph; scraping ensues.

She’s mentioned the scraping before, but I honestly figured it was just steep parking lot entrances and stuff like that. Akinator

Mind you, this car was bought brand new last year and completely void of any kind of modification. https://xender.vip/

Is this typical? Her last car was a Lexus that seemed much lower to the ground. This wasn’t an issue. https://testmyspeed.onl/

My next stop is the dealership. But wanted to make sure I wasn’t being a hypochondriac.

Thank you!
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Definitely doesn't sound right.
My guess would be that something is loose and hanging low under the car (like one of the finishing panels)

Can you take and post some pics showing the under side of the car

Either way I would definitely get that to the dealership and have it looked at


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Have you looked under it? That would be the place to start. Like E said, there may be a splash guard or something like that that's come loose and is hanging down. If the car's not noticeably sagging than I doubt it's actually the chassis or exhaust or anything like that dragging on the ground.