2024 Solar Eclipse April 8th

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I'm looking forward to seeing at least some of it. I recall seeing a partial eclipse as a kid at school, must've been middle school, so 1993 ish? I remember they made us take 2 sheets of a paper, one with a small hole in the middle of it, and one complete and let the sun travel through the paper instead of staring at the sun. Cool memory.
I remember something similar with a pin hole and a shoebox.
Couldn't for the life of me tell you what year though lol.

1986 Oct 03 H:p 13:01 14:17 15:27 33 227 0.697 0.622 2.3 3269 3269 partial
1991 Jul 11 T:p 14:09 14:35 15:00 53 252 0.072 0.023 4.8 3340 3212 partial
1994 May 10 A:p 10:49 12:36 14:20 65 205 0.892 0.840 2.8 319 205 major partial - near annular path
1998 Feb 26 T:p 12:30 13:20 14:08 38 203 0.219 0.120 3.8 2909 2842 partial

1991 was in the summer, so it must have been 1994
1994, i was 14.. yeah, i guess that could be 8th grade middle school.
Yeah, I also remember one vaguely from when I was a kid.

Been waiting for this one for about 10 years now, as it is going directly over the house we snowmobile out of. Bought a dozen pairs of glasses for this a year or so ago. Took time off from work. Going to be in northern VT/NH hoping to hell it's not F'ing cloudy :lmao:


Dallas is in the path of totality... gotta find my camera filter. My house should have 2.5 minutes ish of total coverage.
I will have 3 minutes of totality here. Looking forward to it and glad I won't be fighting traffic.
Entire thing is strange to me. People taking vacation days and driving hours for 3 minutes of darkness. I guess it's cool. I'll catch the highlights on YouTube.
Entire thing is strange to me. People taking vacation days and driving hours for 3 minutes of darkness. I guess it's cool. I'll catch the highlights on YouTube.
Yeah no big deal just a 2 million degree 865,200 mile diameter burning ball of plasma being blotted out by a 2100 mile celestial body.

I wish I didn't have to be at work so I could've set up and observed more than the 30 seconds it took here for the moon to transverse the sun making it impossible to watch it fully.

It got so dark that all the street lights came on. I can only imagine the power of fusion reaction that creates that kind of power and light.

I for one cannot wait to see what the flat earth idiots come up with to explain it.
I was looking forward to it, had a place to see it from, and had the time to burn from work. I have seen a partial eclipse and was rather underwhelmed. I thought this would be cool.

This was fucking amazing.

Pictures will not, and cannot do it justice. Watching the sky get dimmer and dimmer, until the street lights come on. Looking at the sun with the smallest sliver showing and being amazed at how bright it is with a single digit fraction unobstructed. Then suddenly it is fully covered and you take your glasses off and look at the ring of the corona still bright in the sky. In the middle of the day, you see Venus and Jupiter on either side of the circle where the sun just was. Then minutes later a pin point of the sun becomes visible again and the world lights up again like a switch was thrown.

And this doesn't get in to the other just weird stuff going on, things like shadows, animals and birds, or the effects on colors, the rapid temperature drop, or the eerie quiet. It's surreal.

I thought it would be cool, I am absolutely glad I was able to see it. It was one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed. I cannot imagine what people must have thought about this hundreds or thousands of years ago. I knew what was going on and had a solid idea of what to expect and all I could think when the sun 'turned off' was "holy shit". Was speechless. The sun came back and I clapped and cheered like it was a performance or a trick.

I would pay a lot of money to see this again, and will absolutely try to travel to catch another in my lifetime. I highly recommend checking one out if you have the means and opportunity to do so. To catch this in person should absolutely be a bucket list item.
i did not expect the quick drop in temperature, and the sky was dim like a cloudy day for a bit in wville. we did not need to be on the roof here to see it but it sure was fun.
I found the path of the moon as it crossed the sun to be the most interesting part.
From my stand point (and I imagine everyone else's) the moon came from the bottom right and traveled up and left.
I'm glad I had the glasses to check it out. I wish I had more time to sit and watch vs just checking on it every 15 minutes or so (stupid tax season lol)