2024 VW GTI 380 S

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yeah... i checked it with the ultragauge too and thats what it does.

this thing pulls instantly. its like there is no forced induction at all how smooth it is.
Got a sunset photo on my way down 84 headed to the cart meeting. And a cheeky snap on the way back :)
i ended up upgrading to an iphone 15 from my 12, it was starting to get rough. seems like NOT adding my phone to the GTI BT setup has fixed all the weird carplay issues i was having.

i ordered up some megachip splash guards! will be installing them and the stock wheels with potenzas once they come in.

Interesting, don't think I've seen those before.
fuckity fuck tomorrow it's time to run amok!

come, join us! even to watch - we have ride alongs, pizza and ice cream trucks!
Are you doing DS or STH? guess it doesn't matter, still c6