2024 VW GTI 380 S

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it's GS :)

had so much fun yesterday! no videos unfortunately but first in class and almost upset an STH guy, lol

the car did great on the 240tw, 41psi. sport mode with esc fully off. lots of grip even though i was overdriving a bit. will be better in 3 weeks.



8 years of ownership and 95k later the jetta finally needs a suspension refresh. $455 shipped for an entire front end including loaded struts from rockauto.

next weekend's project....
it was a chipmunk!

and im not sure, i did the brakes on it not too long ago and the dent wasnt there. also no tire damage? really weird.
i completed the inner and outer tierods on the jetta this past weekend and got it an alignment. its mintish now... just needs rear shocks, 2 new tires, engine dogbone mount and i think something else lol

also did this, 1st in class 19th raw overall out of 69 entrants. we had a bunch of racercars out too.

TSMP yesterday, here's the fastest lap. still slower than the VT which had race tires and brakes. i was figuring things out by the end of day even with lots of traffic.

Had a wonderful event at our not as nice lot in Hartford yesterday, GTI putting in work holding down the 2023 driver of the year championship holding FTD for the first 3/4 of the event with a blistering few runs in the rain on the 240tw tires which worked a treat. then the course dried up :(

42F and 43R psi, still managing to drive it past the arrows on the front but that could have been the crappy lot.

1st in class and in the top 10 overall with 58 drivers. i'll have the results posted after work for my club.
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She spent the morning in the sun eating grass as her normal routine and had a nice poop before.