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My roommate has a stock '95 240sx and his waterpump began to leak. He drove it for a couple of weeks (adding water constantly) before I changed it for him on tuesday. He is not the most mechanically inclined and he said that he was driving it on the freeway a few days before when it started running really hot.

Now after I replaced the thermostat and waterpump, he says the car is idling rougher. He says the tailpipe smells rich, which it does but does not seem abnormal for just starting it up after a few days.

Now he wants to change a bunch of other stuff and and take it to a mechanic.

Could the heat have caused a problem that could have led to the rough idle.

Thanks for your help.


did you blow shit up?

have a qualified mechanic look at that thing. im guessing thats 2g 240sx?


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It is a Second gen (s14)

I don't know what he did, I only changed the pump and theromstat. I have only seen it run for a few seconds since then.

I realize that overheating is really bad but I do not know how hot the car was running. Like I said he is not a very good mechanic and tends to exagerate.


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If he overheated it too badly he could have warped the head. Any smoke out of the exhaust or anything like that (white smoke)? If so, he could have a head gasket about to blow.


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rough idel + replaced water pump = air in system

"bleed" the coolant. run it with the cap off. wait for it to get hot, boil over, and keep adding more... squeez the upper hose and lower hose... and refill again..