240sx For Sale

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ok my friend has a white 1990 240sx the rsp13 body style, 2 door hatchback.
it has very bad body damage, we can get pictures if we need to. a bunch of faggoits felt like beating the hell out of it when my friend wasnt home basically, but the motor runs good.
you could prolly sell the motor and tranny for what he is selling it for.

i put atn brian cause im thinking this is what you were looking for, body work doesnt matter if your doing a conversion anyway and motor doesnt matter if your swapping :p
chassis is in good shape, frame isnt bent, it has lsd and the rear end is in good shape.
lemme know if your interested

he is only asking 600 but its here in florida so youll need to get it shipped unless you wanna pick it up :p
gosh if I didn't have my car I would so buy that from you....you don't like hatches b? I kind of like them more then coupes myself. www.speedoptions.com has an awesome thing on a project 240.
lemme talk to my friend and see if he still wants to sell it, he was thinking about making a pure race car out of it..
if he still wants to sell ill work on pics, the body is in pretty bad shape, gay vandals...

and the car is in northwestern florida, inbetween tallahasee and pensecola