24hour rolex??

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anybody watch the 24hour race at daytona??
i forget when it is,but i know its soon,on SPEED
post details if you know when it is!
Change the topic. I was about to bust you out on how rolex doesn't make any 24-hour daytona watches.
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oh, well here we are -

i think its this saturday..... me and my buddys always bet on who can stay up longest i normally win, cause he gets shit faced and i dont really care much for alcohol^_^
nice,you know about what time everything starts airing?
wow this blows this is like the first time were they didnt show the whole race........i dont give a flying f about going in a circle nobody cares about freeking late models i want to see cars that have to also turn right
watched a little bit of it earlier tonight (6-8pm est)

did anyone else notice there was NO ONE FUCKING THERE!!!

the stands were absolutely empty

the 24 hours at Daytona is a fucking staple of racing and stupid ass Americans don't even bother going to it
but throw a bunch of talentless assbags on the oval and have them turn left for 4 hours and there's standing room only


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as muc as i like circle track racing as well,i would rather have watched the 24hr.
alot of guys were having electrical problems
i was enjoying watching the fastest transmission swap ive ever seen..........freeking jimmie johnson sucks he's teammates are the ones who have pulled there team back up on the pole
lol yea,that was a fast tranny swap,and jimmie johnson FTL,.i hate him in sprint cup,and hes blows at roadracing