30 minutes of hell.....

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Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace
Got off work this morning...I took the civic home..

yes...the Civic...it's finally drivable and on the road...

and about 2 minutes into the 30+ minutes on the commute....I glance over and see a baby spider walking up a single web...so I plug the cig lighter in, get it nice and warm...and I roasted that little bugger....

then another minute of driving...I see another one.....and another one...

and I guess it was time for a huge nestegg to hatch..couse then the car's interior was swarming with them....all these tiny little baby spiders....

I didn't want to pull over at the first rest stop..cause that will just give them more time to swam the car.....

so I keep going...armed with a lighter and killing any that came in my area....and the window open...

30 minutes later...I just couldn't take it any more...not that I'm afraid of spiders...but afraid of where they will craw into...like my ears or nose...there's just to many of these damn little yellow spiders with a black triangle on the tail...

just when I couldn't take it anymore...I was in the driveway...thank god.

I got out and went to the passenger side where they were crawling from....and hit an area with the lighter...and it's like all these damn things shot out a web and took flight.....looked like a blanket of them in the wind...

Ohh well...nap time...then when I wake up ....time to become an exterminator....

ohh...full work on the cars today if any CT guys want to come over and hang out...we might go hit up the Pacific Buffet and Grill down in Wallingford today around 2-3 o clock...a few plates of steaks and chicken and then back to the barn for some beers and wetsanding.... ;)


Watanabe Whore!!!
Rest In Peace





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i hate spiders and are scared shitless of them.......i would've probably died if that happened to me....on a side note last night i sprayed a spider down with ether and lit him on fire he fizzled and popped as he fried :D


That’s how you get ants
haha nice!

clayton, trav and i might swing down after 5. some of the younger family members are graduating today, so gotta go do that.

damn! i want pacific buffet! :D


Thank you for your business.
Holy... that is a lot of spiders.

I can imagine you tryin to drive while burning them with a lighter.


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omfg ...i woulda burned my vette down to the ground.......i'm not a big fan of the spider..let alonr 1500 of them in my car


damnit phyregod, you gotta stop this bumping of threads from months ago... its really getting annoying