3rd Gen Accord

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Hey guys!

I am planning to buy this one nice piece of 3rd Gen Accord 1986 with a B20A inside.

I got a lot of hearsay that this car will not worth me a penny. A bunch of people told me that B20A is the worst engine Honda has ever built. It'll give me a lot of problems and bla bla.

Can anyone PLEASE advice me on this as I don't want to spend my money on something that I'll will regret later. Thanks.

If you need transportation, and it runs good, it'll work. I imagine that you need a cheap starter car. I wouldn't buy that car personally to fix up. If you want a car to fix up, there are a lot more products available for accords, and their engines from 1990 and up. You'll have a way harder time finding what you want for a 1986. :wacko:
The aftermarket world has a ton of parts available for 86-89 Accords. People just don't know about it to much, its kinda "underground". The B20 is a great motor with 160 hp. Parts are a bit dificult to find but you should be able to get a great deal of help on tunning, parts and performance for that car at http://3geez.com :)