3rd Gen Gsr (b18c) In 2nd Gen Integra?

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i want to drop a gsr motor in my 2nd gen (bar headlight) integra. the gsr's came w/ a hydro activated clutch and my tranny has a cable activated clutch....so i'd have to keep my tranny. I'm not going to use the goofy gsr intake manifold.... cause i dont really want to worry about fitment problems, and i have a skunk2 already. I know i'll need an obd-1 vtec ecu....my car is a 93 so its already obd....that makes things a little easier. all my question is, Will a gsr b18c motor hook up to a cable activated YS1?? and will the motor drop in or will i need a urethane cradle?? someone get back to me if you all know the answer


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You can use your stock mounts. The tranny will bolt to you LS YS1, but the gears will be really long. You should get a GSR YS1 or a Y1 or S1 cable tranny from a B16, those gears would be better for that engine. You should only need to add wires for VTEC and the knock sensor. Then you should be good to go.