3rd Tranny's a charm?

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The consequence of burning out...

I used to enter burnout contests all the time... stupid. Broke spider gears and they shot out the bottom of my tranny. ok. so i buy my buddys tranny of his ex since he has a b16 swap, and entered two more contests. then gave them up. last saturday we went to a car show wich a year ago started it all, and i entered the 4cyl. race, and everyone told me i should burn out in the contest, i said no. sure enough an hour later tranny number two fucks up. last night i bought another ex trans and me and my friend are swapping them. turns out my differential was fucked and pass. side axle wouldnt even come out of the trans. and to break the boot and axle, buy a new one this morning and finish. so now im on tranny number 3. No more burnouts, just drag, and hopefully this one will last.

Ive aklso come to this conclusion.

EX and DX trannys arent much different at all, at least not enough to notice. the first tranny swap went from dx tranny p20 a000 to ex tranny p20 b000. no difference, but i didnt leanr about the stamp number until this swap, so i bought one and made sure it was the p20 b000 and when i pulled the tranny number 2 off it also said b000. as far as gearing, rpms, torque, nothing. no difference i could notice between all three trannys. all seam to have same exact gearing, unless the ex has shorter gears but longer final drive, i dunno. they feel the same to me.

so thats my depressing tranny story. hopefully this info helps.
I want to burnout...damn AWD. I'm joking

Yea, you should probably not do that anymore.

EX and DX trannies are different, and the EX has shorter gearing. I think the EX and SI had a higher FD. It's in the archives.