4 Grand

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I need your alls advice on what car to get. I have 4k. The cars im considering are 90+ integra,92-95 civic hb,and 92+prelude. Whatever i get im wanting it to be able to run 13's maybe 12's. When i say that i dont mean with a total budget of 4k for everything, i jus wanna no wat will be esay to make run 13's. Later


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If you wanna go fast the civic (hatchback) is gonna be the best platform. The lude and teg would be a far second and third. Only problem with the civic is it'll need a LS or GSR swap.


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The hatch and a b16sir 2 is NOT a bad choice and IMo, the motor i would build. (but i have wicked plans for one in the future :D)


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the hatch with a swap is my vote. makes a nice little combo, now the choices come: LS, LS/T, b18c1, b18c5, b16a, blah blah blah


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if you want to go fast, find yourself a crx and drob a b16 sirI into it. I know its not any of the cars you listed but an 88-89 hf w/ that bad boy should be in the 14s w/ street rubber for 3000. None of those other rides can be found, bought and swapped for 4000 and even if they could be, they wouldnt be as fast or fun as the rex.