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aight my friend has an 89 supra and he jez got new injectors and he said he would give me his 440 stock injectors, would those fit my car? i have an 89si crx? and i'm gonna go nos soo do i need injectors that big or is that over kill?


Senior Member
they are not for you. in order to use 440's in your car, you would need boost or like 12:1 cr. without any of that, you will be running VERY rich, and if any thing, you will lose power. besides, im not sure if the 89 supra has the same connector as honda injectors.


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The won't fit your car properly. If you wanna go big do DSM 370cc injectors out of a 90-94 automatic turbo eclipse/talon


New Member
i run 240's on my b16 and my injectors run 100% duty cycle at redline w/ the fuel pressure set at 38 psi. and that's at 8500 rpm. i need some new injectors... but the chances of you maxing out yours are very slim.