450cc Fuel Injectors?

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Is 450cc enough for an all motor? Also, I found a set of used injectors that are 450cc, is used o.k or just buy new shit?

450 is more than enough for any all motor set up meant to be on the street... 310cc is what they usually reccommend, i've also heard of 270cc for a bare set up and 340 for a wild set up...

you can choose to use those 450cc and use them at half cycle or whatever... if you dont want them let me know who is selling them so i can buy them :P cause im lookin for a set of 340cc or more
Originally posted by lsvtec@Jan 8 2003, 11:44 AM
If it is a 93-97 B16 it is not OBD0.

also.. 93-97 is crossing 2 OBD's.

92-95 OBD 1
96-00 (01? 02?) OBD 2
Then put it this way I have a Y1 LSD Cable tranny and a B16a Dohc Vtec. What injectors do I need are the above o.k? Meaning is used injectors o.k to buy? Also, I just seen the 2 different types like listed above?

i get a set of obd0 injectors and send them to rc and have them reflowed.